Leading one of the most successful clubs in the East African region comes with a lot of expectations and Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier is well aware of this fact.


Rachier is frequently on the news due to the success of his club and the challenges that come with it. This week in an interview with journalist Fred Arocho, the lawyer opened up on certain questions that have been a bother to the club fans.


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One of the questions that have seldom been asked is the player transfer business which seems to be generating zero profits following the departure of some key names for free.


“Our rivals normally tap players before the lapse of their contracts by luring them with lucrative deals, forcing the players not to renew contracts but walk free. But that has not been the case with all transfers since we got money from the sale of Jacques Tuyisenge, Godfrey Walusimbi, and Ephrem Guikan,” Rachier stated.


Another burning issue has been the club’s failure to build a stadium despite having land having been given by the government.


“Gor Mahia has a five-acre land in Kasarani where they intend to construct the facility. We are currently paying land rates and soon the construction will begin. The club is looking for joint ventures to finance the project,” he opined.


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On his club missing the Mashemeji Derby and FKF Stalemate: “The players had boycotted training and were bound to skip the match regardless without money hitting their accounts. As a result, we needed the money to lure players and technical bench staffers to training. We were also entitled to youth grants from the federation, which we are yet to receive.


“The clubs have gone for three Months without grants from the league managers. For a club that incurs a monthly wage bill of KES 5million, we had no money to pay the players.


“My wrangles with FKF started with the 18/16 teams debacle, which led to the withdrawal of Supersport from broadcasting KPL due to the hostile environment of the game. Sponsors were scared by the pull and push brought about by the addition of teams in the league.


Nick Mwendwa and Rachier in a previous event when the Kenyan Premier League was sponsored by Sportpesa (Image| Courtesy)

“I opposed the taking back the league from KPL, an independent and professional body, to the federation, which put me at loggerheads with them.”


“Football is at its lowest level ever because the president of the federation, in his second term, has had so many tragedies that have imposed financial constraints on the league and teams. Kenya has not won any major tournament in the recent past, so the federation cant boast of any achievement. The league is mismanaged completely, and clubs are broke.”


On Gor Mahia’s poor performance this season

“Recent poor performance of the club is attributed to the suspension of football due to Covid19, turnover of coaches (Vaz Pinto, Pollack, Oliveiro), financial constraints/go-slows, and an exodus of quality players.”


On the measures in place put in place to avoid the transfer ban imposed by FIFA

“FIFA Transfer ban has been a setback in the club’s players’ intake. However, the club has paid (Steve) Pollack, Napsa Stars, but is still faced with outstanding issues with Shafiq Batambuze, Dickson Ambundo.”


On poor Player Recruitment:

“Recruitment of players has been poor because of agents, who are responsible for bringing in “average” players. The agents praise the players with decorated CVs and profiles contrary to the quality of the players who, sometimes, decline to attend trials claiming that they are top-rated in their leagues.”


On Foreign coaches: 

“We have good local coaches but we believe that the direction that Gor Mahia is taking need fpreign coaches. Its not all about colour as some have said. We did have Anaba Awono (from Cameroon) and Polack. So its not about the colour but the abilities of the people we want to steer the club.” 


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