Kenya’s Sportpot Africa Limited is set to unveil the GAMRX Challenge in Kenya.


GAMRX is a continental esports championship featuring ten African nations; Nigeria (hosts), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon.


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This competition shall see the winner of the Kenyan edition win a fully paid trip to Lagos, Nigeria, courtesy of GAMR, where he/she shall get a chance of winning part of the $15000 prize pool while representing their country.


The Kenyan qualifiers shall be hosted in Nairobi from Sunday 6th March 2022 at Game Masters Lounge, Imenti House, Nairobi. Interested participants are free to register to start today up to 11:00 am on Saturday 5th March 2022. The tournament has a registration fee of Ksh. 500 paid through Pay bill: 247247, Acc no: 010595.


Kenya shall take part in two game titles: FIFA22 and Mortal Kombat. We believe this tournament will go a long way in promoting esports talents in our country and region.


“The current African gaming and esports landscape are largely disjointed, with Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western regions operating in Silos.


“Gamer’s vision is to build an aggregated and connected African esports industry, and Gamr X was built out of the need to encourage inter-country engagement and competition across Africa, resulting in collective growth of the industry.


“With this in mind, we are thrilled to be working with Sportpot Africa Limited and are looking forward to welcoming the best gamers Kenya has to offer,” Ade Jinadu, Head of Marketing at GAMR.


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